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February 2022


The February 4, 1992 civilian-military uprising was the revolutionary spark that would spell the end of 40 years of neoliberal, US-backed rule in Venezuela and lead the country to a better destiny.

At the head of the insurrection was a rebel soldier who for more than a decade had been in military barracks building a revolutionary project to build a new country. He was Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chávez, and his organization was the Movimiento Bolivariano Revolucionario 200 (MBR-200).

The patriotic soldiers of MBR-200 wanted to take political power and hand it to the people, but the odds were stacked against them and the attempt failed. Chávez decided to face the cameras to take responsibility for the rebellion and announce that the objectives —“for now” —had not been achieved.

The memorable speech lasted no more than a minute, but it saw the young rebel burst into the country’s political scene and win the admiration of an entire people:

“Unfortunately, for now, the goals we had set out have not been achieved in the capital (Caracas). New challenges will arise and the country needs to change course towards a better destiny. Before the country and before you, I take responsibility for this Bolivarian military movement.”

In historical terms, February 4 was Chávez’s birth as a leader.

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Text: Andreína ChávezArtwork: Miguel Guerra.


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