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About Us

We are a collaborative work community with a goal of producing and distributing an alternative kind of communication.

To reach this shared horizon we have set three navigation routes:

We aim to uncover and reveal a collective identity that feels closer, draws upon our traditions, our untold tales, speaks in our languages, shines in our colors and, most importantly, speaks to our common desires and concerns. We want to build a common map, with all its diversity, to fight back against the biases and silences imposed by the mainstream media and conventional representation systems. A map so we can find ourselves from our own history and through our own voice.

We look to the current social order, with its heavy dose of injustices, by echoing the battle cries of those who fight, each from their own trench, against the weapons of capital. We are convinced that awakening a collective conscience is a crucial step for the wide reaching transformations that, as a society, we should aim for.

We want our work to be at the service of revolts, prying open the gaps where a new world is being built. We know current communication efforts fall short of what is required in building a new society. That is why we want to explore all the communication avenues as much as possible, coming up with new uses, media, forms and applications, so that our production can play a role in the development of new social relations.

At Utopix we search for an alternative visual communication, and we propose to do so by trying out new work relations and methods. In that sense, we have developed a collaborative work method, where we challenge ourselves tot find answers and solutions, from this alternative communication production, to the desires and needs of the people. This method has taken the name of “Utopix Challenges” (“Desafíos”). These challenges require weighing the pertinence of our production against its impact on reality.

Launched in August 2019, is a platform for us to spread our work and come together as a community. It is our port of call in the digital ocean, from here we sail off on new adventures and return with our productions.

Our English webpage has two main sections, CONTENT and DOWNLOADS. Be sure to also check out our Spanish page for lots more!

CONTENT: Towards a new kind of communication. With special focus on visual eloquence, our publication set their sights on important current affairs. We believe the graphic element, more than being decorative, can play a key role in the construction of narratives. At Utopix we bring together the work of visual creators with researchers, writers and activists to produce comics, infographics, animations, documentaries, reports, interactive content and everything in between that our community can come up with.

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es Recurso-10.png

DOWNLOADS: Beyond the screen. Breaking with the passive spectator role that traditional media assign to their readers, we want our production to transcend the screen and have an impact on reality. In this section you will find materials that are free to share and download which are meant to support those who struggle against injustice and build a new society.