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Black History Month

Every year, in the US and other parts of the world, February is celebrated as “Black History Month.” But are there reasons to “celebrate”? Unique “Black” Kennedy and Michael “Safear” Ness take a look at the history and impact of Black History Month in these essays.

Black and Safear are part of the Imprisoned Abolitionist Collective (IAC). Utopix and the IAC have an ongoing collaboration to produce content to be distributed in US prisons in order to boost political education and consciousness.


Utopix has an ongoing collaboration with the Imprisoned Abolitionist Collective (IAC) to produce content on past and present struggles to be distributed in US prisons. The IAC is a group of incarcerated people dedicated to exposing and fighting against the oppressive prison industrial complex in the US.

Artwork: Valentina Aguirre


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