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Popular struggles spin the wheels of history. Whether they are fighting for land, national liberation, dignity, equality or utopia, the wretched of the Earth have always risen up against their oppressors. However, history itself is a battlefield. At Utopix we have embraced this challenge of building a counterhegemonic history as a key ingredient towards developing and alternative graphic communication that is at the service of grassroots struggles.

In this exhibit, we aim to recount the history of popular struggles in Latin America along six axes, each split in four historical moments. The task of “classifying” struggles is as complex as it is unfair. Many important episodes were inevitably left out. Nevertheless, the different episodes we present offer snapshots of the hemisphere over time. At the same time, there are chronologies built along each axis, threads that begin with resistance against colonization and extend all the way to the valiant struggles against new forms of oppression in the present.

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